We provide penetration testing of top-tier quality. These can range from baseline scans to full-scale penetration tests. Additionally, we offer custom security training and security consulting services.

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Secure Cloud Transformation

When you move your IT assets to the cloud, it can be quite challenging to understand how you can make use of all possibilities that the cloud offers in the area of security. nSEC/Resilience offers services in the area of secure cloud transformation and will gladly help you to reach a high level of IT security in the cloud!

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Pricing & Plans

Our pricing is transparent and competitive. Check our pricing plans for more information or ask us for a custom quote and test plan without any further obligation.

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Security testing: DEVOPS & Continuous Delivery

Would you like to seamlessly integrate security testing into your software delivery cycle, instead of having security tests pop up as an extra hurdle before deployment? Learn more on how to be both secure and agile.

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Whitepaper: SWIFT banking attacks 2016

Although mentioned often in news items worldwide, not much is known about the exact details of the SWIFT hacks. In this whitepaper, we give a brief overview of the available facts for the most important hack and reflect on the implications for security testing.

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