At nSEC/Resilience, we believe that recent technological progress allows the IT industry to take IT security to the next stage of maturity.

We believe that we can offer relatively complex services (such as Security Testing and Cloud Security) with higher quality, more transparantly, and more easily accessible on the existing market. We are convinced that bringing together these complex disciplines increases the quality of each individual discipline.

We achieve this by having a highly efficient organisation. Core values are “discipline”, “delivering value for the client” and “highest standards”. Regardless of your organizations’ software development methodology (agile, waterfall or both): our approach is defined by military discipline: transparant, predictable, effective!

nSEC/Resilience has been founded in 2013 by battle hardened test specialists, combining a security and general IT background. We believe that mastery of all these disciplines leads to more efficient and better results. nSEC/Resilience is based in the Netherlands, but we have served clients all over Europe and the globe.

Wondering if we might be of service, or if we might offer more competitive pricing than your current provider? We are more than happy to provide you with a quote, accompanied by a compact testplan that explains our approach. Would like to know more about how to secure your cloud assets? We are happy to help or advise!

Dutch chamber of commerce number KVK 62651404.