The deep expertise that nSEC/Resilience offers in security testing and performance testing provides a unique contribution to the digital transformation of AkzoNobel.

As a part of the development of AkzoNobel’s digital platform, nSEC/Resilience contributes in improving maturity in all test capabilities:

  • Standardizing and improving policy for security testing, both tactical and operational
  • Improving maturity in the area of performance testing and application performance management by introducing performance diagnostics
  • Introducing a standardized automated testing solution based on Behaviour Driven Development using the Domain Specific Language Gherkin, enabling a more intensive cooperation with stakeholders and seamless integration into the DEVOPS process

A decisive factor in this transformation is the ability of nSEC/Resilience to deliver expertise on all involved test disciplines and to implement each improvement in an integrated manner in the DEVOPS and Continuous Delivery process.

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