Azure Security Operations

Azure Security Operations

Microsoft Azure offers excellent security features out-of-the-box. These features are high-quality, but also cost effective and accessible. Examples of great features are policy compliance checks and Threat Detection, both enabled through Azure Security Center. Making use of these features confronts organisations with having to make many decicions on which possibilities to use, but also on how to deal with alerts generated when policies are not followed or when threats are detected. nSEC/Resilience can support in setting up the correct security operations features and managing the alerts generated by these features.

Which Azure Security Center settings are the best for my organisation when it comes to Policy Compliance or Threat Detection? How do I make sure the right resources receive correct alerts on the right moments – without flooding them with alerts?

Just a few examples of questions that you can be confronted with when you are working on making your Azure subscriptions secure. Often these activities can be sped up considerably when you involve consultants that deal with these questions on a daily basis. nSEC/Resilience will happily advise on which measures in Azure are best for your situation, but also align with your internal security policies.

Next to providing advice during configuration of Azure Security Center, nSEC/Resilience also offers the corresponding Security Operations as a managed service. This includes:

  • Monitoring and responding to alerts (SLA-based)
  • Escalation of specific issues to security analysts or application teams
  • Optionally: providing security analysts that can coordinate escalated issues and make sure these are addressed together with your security teams and application teams


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