Performance Testing Audit

Performance Testing Audit

Would you like to further improve the maturity of your organizations’ performance test capability? Do performance issues frequently occur or remain unsolved? If so, a performance test audit might help you out.

A team of IT performance experts will execute a made-to-fit audit (assessment) of the performance test capability in your organization. The result is a clear, substantiated and actionable advice on how you can bring your organisation to the next level in performance testing, both shot term and long term.

Are you in a transition to DEVOPS or Continuous Delivery? Our consultants are experts in efficient integration of performance testing in your agile process.

What can you expect:

  • A team of nSEC/Resilience performance experts (team size depending on your requirements) will define a made-to-fit approach together with your organization
  • Research can consist of interviews with key resources in your organization, desk research or hands-on validation
  • Research wil be actively managed by nSEC/Resilience in order to make sure that the agreed results are delivered, within agreed budget


Not sure if this is suitable for your organization? We will be happy to create a proposal without any obligation.