Security Training

Security Training

We can provide various training types around IT Security, from IT awareness training and evaluation to technical penetration testing. Explore the possibilities.

IT awareness training

We provide custom made security awareness training, centered on increasing employee awareness on social engineering attacks and increasing adherence to company policy.

It is also possible to combine the training with an effectiveness measurement, where we conduct custom social engineering / phishing attacks before and after the awareness training. The results from these measurement can be used to evaluate the impact of the training.


Penetration testing

Our certified professionals provide security testing training in custom made programs on different levels. We provide high level training to expand security knowledge of engineers, testers or team leads, but we also provide training on execution of penetration testing, including methodology, technical theory and hands-on exercises in virtual online lab ranges.


Security testing in DEVOPS and Continuous Delivery

We have fully interactive training for agile teams that will bring them up to speed in how to integrate security testing in their software delivery lifecycle. This is an intense training, putting the participants in a simulation / case-based environment, alternating in process-related team exercises to individual hands-on security tests in our virtual lab. The training also covers automation of security testing, taking a behaviour driven development approach.


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